It’s 2021. And five to twelve. Where one part of the world is on fire, another part is ravaged by devastating floods. The planet sighs and groans. Even the most hardened climate deniers now recognize that ‘something’ is going on.

Many people are concerned. They feel an unrest fueled by an endless stream of bad news. Every nature documentary usually ends with a gloomy account of what we humans have done. But worrying is pointless and luckily doomsayers are rarely right.

Okay, maybe the earth can’t be saved and the last five minutes of humanity have arrived. But worrying about this is paralyzing, while there is a need for action. Innovation, creativity and decisiveness. New solutions for new problems. As long as we’re here, we can – and should! – we enjoy all the beauty that the ‘pale blue dot’ has to offer.

But it is clear that things have to change. As a result, smart and sympathetic initiatives are popping up all over the world in an effort to stop our destructive use of the earth*. Changing a mindset often starts ‘at the bottom’, with a small group of people. But it will only mature when the ‘upper layer’ of the world – politicians, administrators and especially the leaders of the large corporates – adopt the new philosophy.

Most companies already have a sustainable, green, CO2 neutral ambition. But where a company has no personality, the figureheads of those organizations do. They are the ones who propagate the company’s green story. As a human. And in their own words.

The Celium watch strap provides this story.

That is our vision,

Team Celium 

* Care for the climate requires sobriety. An example: ninety percent of the plastic soup is not caused by our milkshake straws, PET bottles and other litter, but by only ten rivers (8 in China, 2 in Africa).


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