Unique vegan watch straps


Status: 1 innovation in progress, 1 product market ready (mush)

The grail of the mushroom world is mycelial leather. A vegan alternative to animal leather. There are already several alternatives to animal leather – think of leather from avocado pits or olive pits – but none that ‘eat’ residual material and with which you can grow beautiful products.

At Celium we have taken up the learning challenge. And that is not easy. Making leather works, but it has to be able to withstand a lot of knocks. A watch band has to deal with temperature fluctuations, moisture, dryness, stretch and more. That requires quite a ‘thick skin’ of the watch strap. In addition, the mycelium (somewhat wry) is extremely sensitive to… fungi. So growing this leather requires a sterile workspace. Anyway, the experiments are in full swing.

Behold: mushroom leather
As an alternative to the mycelium, we experimented with mushroom itself. Or more specifically, with watch straps made from the skin of the Fomes Fomentarius (horse shoe mushroom). With surprisingly positive results. We’ve decided to give it a shot and market the watch straps with a ‘brand new brand’: mush.

The mush watch strap is truly a natural product. Each piece of leather is completely unique, with its own structure, pattern and color. That is why you choose the leather from our leather collection that best matches your person, preferences and of course your watch. We then make a custom mush watch strap from this. PS: the logo-mark will be on the backside of the strap. More info >>


Video: example of a mush watch strap combined with a cool Diesel casing.


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